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Crafting Success: Our Suite of Services

Welcome to the heart of what we do at Ytechnology! Our services are more than just solutions; they're the building blocks to your business's next success story. From strategic consulting to innovative web development, we've tailored a suite of offerings designed to propel your vision into reality. Dive in, explore, and let's co-create a future where your business doesn't just grow—it thrives.

Do you need to rent some expertise, or would having a different set of eyes looking at your business help you grow?


Get access to the best practices to get you to the next level without adding a permanent headcount to your team.


We love solving problems for our customers- it’s what we do.

Our consulting practice offers you

Functional Expertise

To help you focus on the big picture while providing analysis to help better understand the unseen details of your business/market. 

To help you become more efficient and solve problems with specific timelines and positive outcomes.

Objective Opinions

Get an outsider “eye” with experience across different companies and industries to help give you new perspectives.

Push projects to positive outcomes without most of the emotions or politics of long-term team members.

On-Demand Brainpower

Adds specific skills towards specific goals or projects without hiring a full-time team member.

To help innovate, challenge the status quo, apply best practices, or provide insights on your company, market prospects, or competition.


Do you need a better handle on your marketing efforts or a better understanding of your marketing spending?


Get access to the right balance of marketing expertise and business acumen.


We’re business people with marketing skills, focus on returns on investment.

Our marketing practice offers you

Market Research

Sharpens your company’s competitive advantage so that your business is objectively superior in ways that matter to your customers.

Enables a better understanding of your customers’ problems and determining the best solutions

Market Strategy

Providing tools for increasing sales ensures your team is focused on the right prospects, has the right products, and is saying the right things.

Defines signals to unite your leadership teams so that all of your company is pulling in the right direction

It helps you identify where you are strong and where your competition is weak to ensure resources get allocated to best the opportunities.

Product Marketing

It provides customers the ability to make better choices and helps your company promote your products and services to the right people

Determines where your customers are, how to reach them, and what types of messages are most effective in getting them


Do you need to build a new product or refresh your website?


Get access to the technical and product development skills you need to improve operational excellence and productivity.


We are tech people with business experience- we build towards measurable outcomes and customer success first.

Our dev
practice offers you

Web Development

Build a web presence that’s easy to use and provides a return on investment.

Build a web presence or app that matches your brand strategy.

Ensure a balance of utility and design: beautiful sites that don’t create sales aren’t useful to your business.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization 

Optimize your website to get found by search engines and be valuable to your prospects and customers.

Structure your site and work to improve sales by focusing on local buying intent.

Application Development

Get deep technical expertise to help you build your next innovation.

Onboard technical expertise that will support your initiatives without a long-term investment.

Gain efficiency by employing the tools and applications big companies use without having to make significant initial investments.


Do you need a deeper understanding of your customer’s behavior and preferences?


Get access to the insights that help you better understand your customers and market. Know what your competitors are doing in the market.


We are data people that love the great feeling that comes with positive ROI.

Our insights
practice offers you

Customer Analytics

Get a better understanding of your customer’s journey: how they feel about your brand, what they buy, why they buy, what they do on your website, where they go when they leave, etc.

Get a clear picture of how customers use or don’t use your services.

Refine your customer’s experience, provide better customer service, and inform business decision-making with accurate data, not opinions.

Operational Analytics

Identify your most profitable customers, get clarity on your financial processes, decrease costs, and gain more customers.

Increase operational efficiency, identify trends in your business and the marketplace, decrease your advertising spending, identify failing strategies, and predict/prevent customer churn.

Winning for our clients the agile way.
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