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Invest in a Website Care Plan: Protect Your Best Asset

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Ensure Your Online Success with Comprehensive Website Care Solutions

The fight for consumers is endless, exhausting, and time-consuming. With that in mind, your website functionality should not be the reason your competitors have a leg-up on you. If you do not maintain your website, it will become outdated and not operate as well as it should, leading to infinite bugs and breaks, from faulty images to total crashes. Whatever part your website plays in your business, not keeping up with your site’s health could cause your company’s inner and outer workings to crumble along with your user experience and lead to a loss of traffic and customers.

The Stats That Matter

  • In 2019, Sucuri found that more than 56% of all content management system applications, such as plugins and themes, were not fully updated when the hack happened.
  • Only 45% of small to medium-sized businesses are prepared for cyberattacks.
  • Over 90% of WordPress vulnerabilities are related to themes and plugins.
  • Based on an analysis of 7 million websites, SiteLock reports that websites currently experience an average of 94 attacks daily and are visited by bots approximately 2,608 times a week.
  • Another study was done in 2019, this one by Acunetix, which showed that 46% of all web applications had critical vulnerabilities, while a frightening 87% had medium vulnerabilities.
  • Moreover, 80% of these applications had configuration errors that could be exploited by people looking to gain unauthorized site access.

What Is A Website Care Plan?

A website care plan is a simple service that covers the regular maintenance of your site to keep it up, running, and looking good. Website Care Plans are generally set monthly and can be customized depending on how often you want to have your sites checked and maintained. Website Care Plans are the best way to ensure your website provides a happy user experience, supports your company’s structure, and gives you a healthy return on investment. What can you expect from your plan?

What you can expect from your plan will largely depend on how often you work with your provider, but a typical website care plan includes the following services:

  • Regular updates to WordPress core, plugins, and themes
  • Daily backups of your website
  • Security monitoring and protection
  • Performance optimization
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Priority support from a team of WordPress experts

Why is a Website Care Plan Essential?

Website care plans support your business in many ways, but two are significant:

For one, the maintenance provided by a care plan ensures your users’ experience is satisfying and guides them along in their consumer journey. Approximately 88.5% of your site users will leave because of slow load times, and 73.1% will go because of non-responsive content. Both and more can be avoided with a website care plan that ensures your site is optimized for maximum speed and reliability and maintains and improves user retention rates.

When you are running a business, you do not have time for bullsh*t, and your website’s constant need for maintenance can leave you stretched thin. A website care plan allows you to put your energy into building your business and prospects without the hassle of checking for updates, manually adding security patches, repairing corrupted content, mobile optimization, and many more items on the endless site care laundry list. Website care plans are essential because they give you peace of mind knowing that your website is well cared for. You can focus on running your business with a care plan while the experts handle your technical troubles.

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Can You Maintain Your Website On Your Own?

A website care plan is a service that helps you keep your website bug and virus free. They typically include things like hosting, security, backups, and updates. Nonetheless, it is possible to maintain your site on your own; however, it is a hefty toll to take alone. No matter your route, numerous hours must be allocated to YouTube university, reading, or courses to produce a quality product. The investment is worth it for some, but the time and money needed to acquire the necessary skills may not be worth the return for others. Even after gaining the knowledge required, your business may still need more time or means to manage your site in-house.

It Costs More To Fix It Than To Maintain It

Problems are inevitable, but waiting for them to occur could mean certain death for your website and put you at considerable risk for a security breach. Regular maintenance and analysis are the keys to identifying problems and preventing them from becoming a real threat. If you do not have the time or know-how to maintain your site, you could face more headaches and expenses than having it built from the ground up. Rather than clean up all the chaos caused by an unattended website, fix your problems before they occur with a website care plan that will help you save money over time by reducing the need for additional services or emergency fixes.


Our Experience Can Save You Money

At Ytechnology, we cater to each client differently than the next to empower our clients’ specific brands and businesses. Our experience allows us to produce products with a high return for our clients while they worry about building other aspects of their business. Your industry is your domain, but our expertise resides in website curation, maintenance, and the hosting industry. We would not be caught dead telling an Olympic gymnast how to do flips or an artist how to paint the sky. So why not enlist the skills of a professional web designer? Our skilled team of website caretakers is available to take on the day-to-day tasks of running your site smoothly and building upon its positive user experience.


As a business owner, you know that your website is one of your most essential marketing tools. It is the first impression potential customers have of your company, and it is where they go to learn more about your products or services. That is why it is essential to take care of your website and keep it up to date. But what does that entail? That is where a website care plan comes in. A website care plan is a service that provides ongoing maintenance and updates for your site. It is like having an insurance policy for your website – you are investing in peace of mind knowing that someone is taking care of everything for you.

There are many benefits to having a website care plan, but here are the three most important ones:

1. Safety and security improvements – if your website gets hacked, you want to be anyone other than the one that must fix it. A website care plan includes malware scanning and other security measures, so you never have to worry about this.

2. Functionality updates – new features and functionality are constantly being added to the website platform that improves your site. Website care plans include these changes, ensuring your site stays relevant, easy to use, and fully functional.

3. Saves time and money – your site caretakers update your site for you. There is no need to spend hours updating features, plugins, and other site elements. It also means you never have to worry about paying for updates again!

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