Ytechnology Helps Children 1st at Code for Rounds Camp

DKeith Wilson, founder of ytechnology, teaching at the Code for Rounds camp presented by Children 1st.

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DKeith Wilson, Founder of ytechnology, Presented at Children 1st’s Code for Rounds Camp

Ytcehnology’s founder, DKeith Wilson, recently taught at the Code for Rounds camp presented by Children 1st. The camp is designed to provide younger generations with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the field of technology. Ytechnology is proud to have joined forces with Children 1st to empower youth and help them gain the skills necessary to pursue their dreams in technology. 

Founder of ytechnology, DKeith Wilson, teaching at Code for Rounds camp


The Code for Rounds camp provided an immersive experience for everyone. During the week-long event, attendees were taught coding fundamentals by experienced mentors. They were also introduced to various programming languages, artificial intelligence capabilities, and technology concepts. The kids had the opportunity to work on projects, talk to experts in the field, and do some boxing. 

“We are thrilled to have taken part in this meaningful event hosted by Children First,”

DKeith Wilson, founder of Ytechnology

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