Founder of Ytechnology at Digital Learners to Leaders 2023, Presented by GSU

Georgia State University (GSU) presents its Digital Learners to Leaders (DLL) UX Design Session, led by DKeith Wilson, founder of ytechnology.

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Georgia State University Presents their 2023 Digital Learners to Leaders Fall Internship Course

Atlanta, October 13th – GSU presents their Digital Learners to Leaders (DLL) UX Design Session on the downtown campus Friday, October 13th, led by DKeith Wilson, founder of ytechnology.


GSU presents Digital Learners to Leaders Featuring DKeith Wilson

Ytechnology is proud to help GSU teach students about user design for the second year in a row. Digital Learners to Leaders (DLL) is an experiential learning course that develops the next generation of digital problem solvers and provides students with opportunities to expand their technical skills while practicing sought-after professional skills. Offered this fall, DLL will engage students to explore solutions to local challenges using digitization and extended realities.


October 13th, 2023

10:00 am – 12:30 pm


Georgia State University’s

Downtown Campus


More details about the event, such as:

  • Participating students will receive an interactive and illuminating presentation all about user design.
  • DKeith Wilson, founder of ytechnology and Marketing Coordinator Xiomara Ramos, will present students with unique perspectives on user design.  
  • Sponsored by the Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII) and the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Online Education (CETLOE), the course is open to students seeking four-year degrees in any major.
  • Find more information about Georgia State University’s Digital Learners to Leaders Course.
Georgia State University (GSU) presents its Digital Learners to Leaders (DLL) UX Design Session, led by DKeith Wilson, founder of ytechnology

Digital Learners to Leaders (DLL) is a Georgia State University internship course that promotes diversity and inclusion while impacting local communities and improving local economies. DLL launched in 2018 as a solution to the technology industry’s challenges, including the low representation of females and minorities in IT. Digital Learners to Leaders encourages Georgia State University students, with a heavy focus on female and minority students, to become more digitally literate and pursue studies in computer science and technology. DLL fosters team collaboration to establish a K-16 pipeline that produces a more substantial number of qualified graduates ready to successfully enter the Georgia workforce and contribute to the growth of Atlanta’s STEM economy.

Ytechnology is a modern consultancy partnering with companies looking to grow, optimize, or transform their businesses. We describe our approach as ‘modern’ because we’re outcome-driven. We don’t just tell you how to get there. Instead, we roll up our sleeves and help you get there. We are thinkers who love doing and leverage that to provide our customers value.

Contact Information:

Xiomara Ramos


Marketing Co-ordinator

+1 404.247.8066 ext. 153

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