Business is about people working together to create value. So until our AI overlords rise to claim their thrones, we’ll keep building our teams to be better extensions of yours.

Meet The Team

DKeith Wilson


An experienced change leader, team builder, and innovator that knows his way around a balance sheet and has the technical chops to either build it or get it done. DKeith has continuously sought new challenges over the last 20+ years- never afraid to leap from his comfort zone and begin anew. What makes him unique? In short, DKeith is a weird confluence of seemly opposing skills and traits. He thinks strategically yet executes tactically. He’s passionate and empathic but oddly analytical. He’s a tech guy that can both sell and manage the financials.

Most importantly, DKeith is a leader who believes in serving others first. He describes his professional and personal philosophy as the 4 P’s: People, Passion, Purpose, and Push, which means passionate people with a shared purpose can push down any obstacle.

Xiomara Ramos

Marketing Coordinator

We are proud to say Xiomara began her career with us, gaining unparalleled experience in marketing while establishing an aptitude for PR, social media strategy, and tactical marketing. She uses her creative and analytical sensibility to produce innovative and unique marketing strategies that best resonate with the target market. Xiomara is currently earning her bachelor’s degree in computer science, focusing on marketing. Still, when she isn’t studying, she’s writing content and managing our blog and our client’s blogs. Her focus on organizing highly effective campaigns based on research strengthens our commitment to producing results for our clients.

About Xiomara

Kris Phelps

Creative Director

Kris started her graphic design journey at 16 years old after her church tasked her with making the weekly newsletter. Armed with a computer and Microsoft Publisher, she set out to design the best-looking church newsletter a 16-year-old with no knowledge or skill knew how to do. 

After discovering her excitement for defining the voice and personality of the church, Kris went on to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on Graphic Design. Since then, she’s worked on numerous projects and has enjoyed leading our team and clients to victory. One of her many notable contributions would be working on an installation graphic for Coca-Cola RAIN – Replenish Africa Initiative, showing how many villages and towns in Africa now have access to clean water and sanitation during the FIFA World Cup. 

Kris’s ability to visually convey what’s in someone’s head and how they feel about their company to their clientele has proven a powerful tool for us over and over. While her adaptability, graceful response to feedback, and desire for knowledge are a testament to how well she works with our agile, engaged, and forward-thinking company.

Jason Greenwood

Technology Lead

As an accomplished development director and project manager, Jason came to us with an appreciation for technology and the insight to use it alongside his other skills and interest to provide a more promising outcome. Technology first sparked his interest when he started building computers in his early twenties and realized the endless applications. 

Jason later fostered his interest by attaining his associate degree in computer science and IT specialization, along with countless certifications. Since he joined us, Jason has been a valuable addition to our professional and client-first work environment. He works with our clients on a deeper level to view things from their perspective by researching the company, its competitors, and its industry. Then uses that knowledge to come up with realistic and affordable solutions. He has helped our clients find resolutions, led non-profits to victory, designed and built apps, and managed millions of dollars in projects throughout his career. 

Jason possesses all the skills and qualities needed for a strong Director of Development, such as thinking analytically, assessing strengths and weaknesses, and having a tenacious appetite for solving complex problems.

Achieving project success together

Team building is an essential part of any successful business. With the advent of technology, and the growth in management consulting and marketing, it has become increasingly important for businesses to focus on team building to increase productivity and innovation.

By understanding the power of team building, organizations can create effective teams that are capable of achieving incredible results. Developing strong relationships between members of a team is key to achieving success, as it allows them to work together more effectively and efficiently.

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We are growing

We created Ytechnology because we wanted to foster an environment of growth. As a team, we knew that we had potential and opportunity within us, but nothing was pushing us to realize it—that’s why we decided to take matters into our own hands.

At first, it was just the excitement of creating something new, with no concept of the end result. Yet as time passed and more people joined the mission, hope began to fill the air. We could all feel in each tiny movement we made toward our goals that something bigger than ourselves was manifesting.

Finally, after months (and sometimes years) of hard work and dedication, here we are—a successful organization built on a foundation full of possibilities and growth potential for us all.

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